Our Products

Moulded Rubber Parts

All types of Rubber moulded parts (up-to 700 mm length & width) as per requirement and specification of customer. Some of the moulded rubber parts are Rubber Pads, Rubber Washers, Rubber Gaskets, Rubber Seals, O Rings, Rubber Grommets, Rubber Channels, Rubber Bushes, Rubber Connectors, Rubber Balls, Screws, Diaphragms, Mountings, Spacers, Oil seals, Rubber Collets, Eye Guards, Closures, Shock Absorbers, Compression Bush, etc

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Integrally Bonded / Metal Inserted Rubber Moulded Parts

All types of metal inserted / integrally bonded rubber parts are manufactured according to customer’s drawing and specifications like Rollers, Connectors, Bellows, Wipers, Diaphragms, Shock Absorbers, etc

rubber-moulded-articles-250x250     Metal-To-Rubber-Bonded-Parts1     rubber-to-metal-bonded-parts-814174    rubber-to-metal-bonding-large


Sponge Rubber Parts

All types of moulded sponge rubber parts like Rectangular Cords, Special shaped articles, Washers, Round Cords, Eye guard

s-l225     Rubber-Sponge     EPDM-Silicone-Rubber-Sponge-Foam-Sleeve-Tube-Tubing-Hose-Pipe     sr3


We use more than 10 types of raw rubbers to suit specifications required for use in heat, high pressure, oil, ozone resistance and weather resistance. The concepts of FMEA, JIT & Kaizen are intensively followed and hence a better understanding of the area of activity, a better product and a goal oriented focused approach is the result.